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Small Business Owner: You are good at your business, but do you REALLY know how to build your client/customer base?

Fortune 500 companies rely on marketing experts to build their client/customer base, and you can too!

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals with 30 years of small business marketing expertise ready to help your business to grow.

Our firm has the expertise to create the right messaging and image for your business. We also know the right type of marketing, and the right amount of marketing to use for your business so that your advertising and marketing budget doesn’t go to waste.

Our firm works with small business and private professional practice owners to help you to make the investment in time and money that you have placed in your business worth the effort in increased profitability!

Finding Clients That Want to Find You!

Activity: Endless motion resulting in insignificant or non-existent results.
Productivity: Working smarter and not harder to get results.

Are YOUR marketing efforts generating "Activity" for your business, or "Productivity?"

If your answer is “activity,” then your business/practice is going to be caught in an endless cycle of trial-and-error marketing and prospecting that leads to marketing burnout.  Throwing more money away on ad campaigns and strategies that don’t work is not the answer to building a successful business.  MarketFinders® works with you to develop a proven marketing system and strategy that is customized to fit your business, and your market. 

Isn’t it Better to Attract the Best Patients/Clients/Customers to Your Business Rather Than Just Hoping That the Right Ones Will Just “Magically” Make it Through the Door?

Our “Job One” is to lower your stress of not knowing where your next business prospect or patient will come from.





A Proven Marketing System That is Customized to Fit Your Business!

Rule #1: There is no “One-Size-Fits-All,” or “Business in a Box” solution to creating a successful business. Your business operates in a unique market with your distinct skillset and business offerings, and this needs to be reflected in your marketing efforts in order to maximize the growth and sustainability of your business. 

Rule #2: Marketing Strategy Investment in your business is a capital investment, just like buying new machinery. For this reason, marketing investment should productively increase the profitability of your business, not sink your “bottom line” as something that you are continuously pouring money into. 

Rule #3: The right Marketing Strategy Investment maximizes your business growth! If your marketing and advertising are thought of as a liability rather than as an asset to your business, then you need to rethink how you are growing your business!

No one marketing modality (eg.: Advertising, Social Media, Public Relations, Surveys) is a “silver bullet” for your business success, no matter how much people would like to think that this is so!  We help you to determine who your best patients/customers/clients are, and where they are getting their information.  We then create a strategy for using marketing tools and communication in the most cost-effective and exposure-maximizing way possible.  This maximizes your reach and exposure, and leads to business and practice growth!  Our seasoned and innovative group of professionals work with you to put a proven marketing system into place, by creating marketing and business plans and strategies that you can easily make a part of your daily business activity.  We help you to create strategic and tactical plans for your client growth and market entry. We will help you to become a market leader by assisting you in strategy execution, and the tracking of results to ensure that your business sees productive growth.


Affordable Marketing Services for Small Business.

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