Business and Manufacturing

Marketfinders® is for business owners who:

  • Want to outsource their Business Development so they can concentrate on the day-to-day tasks of their business and needs of their customers.
  • Want to have full knowledge of who their most profitable customers are and how to make them part of their business.
  • Are confused about which markets to enter and how to keep abreast of the competition.
  • Make a priority of building and maintaining their brand recognition.
  • Want to find a steady source of viable prospects and increase their “close ratio.”
  • Have a need to develop create, develop or train their field sales staff.
  • Have a need to outsource their sales staff and activities.

Our services for Business and Manufacturing include the following:

  • Matching your customers with your products and services to create strategy that will grow your business.
  • Analyzing who your best customers are.
  • Understanding what your competition is doing and why.
  • Maximizing the marketability of your business operations to make you more “user-friendly” to your customers.
  • Working with other businesses to co-brand / co-market your business as opportunities arise.
  • Writing formal marketing plans to create a “Roadmap to Success” for your business and enable you to obtain financing.
  • Creating marketing strategies and a Plan of Action that you can easily use in your daily business activities.
  • Creating communication strategies, as well as writing and graphic design of all forms of marketing collateral materials, including brochures, websites, advertisements, and electronic media. We create the image and message that is right for you!
  • Sharing your vision of growth with your entire staff. Once everyone shares this vision, marketing growth success is more easily attained.
  • Empowering your Sales Reps to make your vision of growth a reality where it counts the most – in the field in direct contact with your customers
  • Scheduling of your prospect appointments and marketing activities for you and your staff so you can concentrate on your business. You concentrate on your business performance while we concentrate on building your business.
  • Balancing of your marketing activities so that the “Marketing Mix” fits the workload needs of your business and current market conditions.